Appellate Mediation

   In the Fifth District of Florida, appellate mediation is alive and well in alll family law appeals. In an effort to reduce the enormous cost to families who turn to litigation to resolve familial disputes, the Fifth District has a working appellate program in place to evaluate every family law case that is appealed to that Court.

   This type of mediation can take place at any junction in the appellate process.  The most cost effective place is before the record on appeal has to be prepared and filed.  The reason is that the record on appeal must include the complete transcript of the proceeding before the Trial Court which is the subject matter being reviewed by the District Court of Appeal.  This transcript is usually in the form of typewritten pages from the deputy official court reporter who charges per page and can be the single most expensive cost in the preparation of the appeal next to attorneys' fees.
    Sometimes, however, it is necesssary to wait for the transcript of the proceedings before the trial Court in order to confirm that all matters which one wishes to have reviewed on appeal were properly reserved by objection at the trial level.  In this instance, immediatly upon receipt of the transcript a decision should be made promptly to request and proceed with mediation.
     For further information about mediation on appellate family law matters in the Fifth District, one can review the information on the internet at the Florida Courts webiste and select Fifth District Court of Appeal.  In this District, if the mediation is processed through the Court, usually time to perform appellate tasks is tolled for the time necessary to meet in mediation forums.